I am on staff at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music (University of Melbourne) where I coordinate all trumpet activities, teach one-to-one trumpet lessons, and conduct brass ensembles. MCM offers a BMus with the option to specialize (performance, composition, musicology, ethnomusicology) or to study music more broadly, as well as postgraduate degrees. About half of the 20+ member trumpet studio are performance majors.

Brass students at MCM have the opportunity to perform with a variety of ensembles including:
  • The University of Melbourne Symphony Orchestra performs orchestral masterworks and new Australian commissions in Hamer Hall and the Melbourne Recital Centre. The orchestra has toured to Sydney and will tour Asia in 2018
  • The Melba and Tallis Brass Ensembles performs original works for 10-12 part brass ensemble as well as arrangements. The Melba brass Ensemble performs at various university functions, outreach concerts at area schools, and has toured to Sydney, Germany, and Denmark.
  • Brass Quintets - students performing in brass quintets have won the MCM chamber music competition, local prizes, as well as international fellowships.
  • Wind Symphony
  • Philharmonic Orchestra - a chamber orchestra for training players
  • Big Band
  • Concert Band
  • Baroque ensemble

Training on period instruments is integrated into the curriculum, with all trumpet students being required to achieve basic profieceny on baroque trumpet. Students who develop a deep interest in early music are able to take lessons on baroque trumpet and perform with the school baroque ensemble.

MCM's collection of instruments allows students to receive the training and experience needed for a modern-day performer prior to having saved up enough money to purchase a set of their own. The collection includes:
  • Piston C trumpets: Bach 229/25H, Philadelphia, Chicago
  • Rotary Trumpets: Schagerl Hörsdorf Heavy C (x3), Vienna Bb
  • Piccolo trumpets: Schilke P5-4, Yamaha YTR-9835
  • Eb/D trumpets: Yamaha YTR-9636 and 6610S
  • C cornets: Schilke A2C (x2)
  • Bb cornet: Yamaha YCR-8335
  • Flugelhorns: Yamaha YFL-631 (x4)
  • Baroque trumpets: Egger Historic 3-hole Haas (x3), Meinl & Lauber 3-hole (x3), Keavy Van-Ryne 4-hole
  • Keyed trumpet: Egger after Alois Doke (Linz, c. 1823)

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In addition to my brass teaching activities at MCM, I coordinate the Master of Music (Orchestral Performance) - a collaborative degree with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra - and all other postgraduate performance studies.