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New Works

Compositions that I have commissioned, were written for me, or with which I was otherwise involved in originating. Click any column to sort.
Composer⇵ Title⇵ Year⇵ ⏱⇵ Instrumentation⇵
Abbott, KatyCross Sections201417Brass EnsembleMore Info
Abbott, KatyMidnight Songs201325Trumpet, trombone, guitarMore Info
Batterham, AndrewMelbourne Mosaic201617Brass QuintetMore Info
Buller, MarkQuarantine Minatures, No 73: The Works20211TrumpetMore Info
Chen, Yihan清涼—still—20198Trumpet, trombone, guitarMore Info
Clapham, Rhyan (DOBBY)I Think I Can Float20216Brass quintetMore Info
Collins, BrendanSuite for Trumpet, Violin and Piano2019Trumpet, violin, pianoMore Info
Dargaville, TimothyTransience201918Trumpet, trombone, guitarMore Info
Donohue, JacobUnfold One201811Trumpet, trombone, guitarMore Info
Duarte, FrankThe Purpose of Our Existence20215TrumpetMore Info
Eötvös, MelodyGamma20226Trumpet, trombone, guitarMore Info
Flinn, WesSouvenir from a Canceled Trip20211FlugelhornMore Info
Ford, AndrewSlow Air201412Trumpet, trombone, guitarMore Info
Frazier, Michaelglad to be202114Trumpet, pianoMore Info
Fujikura, DaiThree201912Trumpet, trombone, guitarMore Info
George, Whitney[new work]202210More Info
Greenbaum, StuartThe Building Revealed20193Brass EnsembleMore Info
Greenbaum, StuartSonata for Trumpet and Piano201520Trumpet, pianoMore Info
Gunn, WallyPinwheel201610Trumpet, trombone, guitarMore Info
Hammond, JaneCountry Crow Shuffle201511Trumpet, trombone, guitarMore Info
Higdon, JenniferBook of Brass202116Brass quintetMore Info
Holley, AlanAll Demons Run202112Trumpet, trombone, guitarMore Info
Houston, AaronBent20211TrumpetMore Info
Hsuyin, AnneSyndrome20226Trumpet, trombone, guitarMore Info
Hughes, ElliottDespite Our Silent Elders201716Trumpet, trombone, guitarMore Info
Humphries, AliceUncertain Meditations202212Brass quintetMore Info
Jacoby, DerekSketches200821Trumpet, percussionMore Info
Jarrar, FelixElegy for Democracy20211TrumpetMore Info
Jones, Clockwork[new work]20211TrumpetMore Info
Kennedy, MatthewAt the Edge of Day20212FlugelhornMore Info
Kouvaras, Linda...until it's gone : Rhapsody on loss201923Trumpet, trombone, guitarMore Info
Kouvaras, Lindato the lighthouse20217Brass quintetMore Info
Lanzilotti, Anne Leilehua[new work]2023Trumpet, trombone, guitarMore Info
Ledger, JamesVoodoo Sonnets201617Trumpet, trombone, guitarMore Info
Lee, Chihchun Chi-SunThe Meaningful Battle20212TrumpetMore Info
Mahanthappa, RudreshMagically Delicious201918Trumpet, trombone, guitarMore Info
Martin, CaerwenSleepless20188Trumpet, guitarMore Info
Martin, CaerwenWhat Lies Beneath201910Trumpet, trombone, guitarMore Info
Meadors, AnnaOf latitude and light201910Trumpet, trombone, guitarMore Info
Murray, KenSketches201510Trumpet, trombone, guitarMore Info
O'Brien, ChristianPIT_T20135Trumpet, trombone, guitarMore Info
O'Brien, Christianddig hapus20164Trumpet, trombone, guitarMore Info
Onishi, YoshiakiTu n'y trouveras que du vent I200812Trumpet, alto flute, celloMore Info
Pickering, ChrisLesser Heroes201912Trumpet, trombone, guitarMore Info
Pollard, MarkFanfare for the Denmark Tour20143Brass TrioMore Info
Russell, TroyGii yugal20214Brass quintetMore Info
Sainsbury, ChristopherSinging Stone202212Trumpet, trombone, guitarMore Info
Schultz, AndrewSouthern Cantata201730Orchestra (baroque instruments), choir, soloistsMore Info
Sdraulig, HarrySummer Ballad20174Flugelhorn, violin, pianoMore Info
Sdraulig, HarryAubade20176Trumpet, trombone, guitarMore Info
Taylor, BenjaminStop.Rewind.Play.20138for trumpet and electroacoustic sounds and videoMore Info
Terracini, PaulWinmalee Mourning201424Brass EnsembleMore Info
Wang, FaySteps to Unconsciousness20149Trumpet, trombone, guitarMore Info